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Departments & Programs


  • Biogeochemical Processes in Forest and Agricultural Systems

    Focusing on the effects of land use change and other human caused changes on biogeochemical processes and trace gas exchanges in tropical environments

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  • Sustainable Agriculture


    Carrying out interdisciplinary studies of intensive agricultural fertilization, water use, aquaculture development, and other land use changes in the tightly linked land-coast-sea system
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  • Climate Change, Vulnerability, and Adaptation

    On developing frameworks for vulnerability analyses in agricultural and coastal environments and measures and metrics that allow identification of those areas most vulnerable

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  • Sustainability Science


    Knowledge systems for sustainable development, vulnerability of human-environment systems, and other aspects of the management of human-environment systems
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The Matson Sustainability Science Research Laboratory is interested in sustainable agriculture, vulnerability analyses of human-environment systems, biogeochemical and ecological processes in forest and managed systems, and other areas in the emerging field of sustainability science.
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Recent Publications

Bierbaum, R.M., and P.A. Matson. 2013. Energy in the Context of Sustainability. Daedalus 142(1): 146-161.

Matson, P.A.  2013. "From Global Environmental Change to Sustainability Science: Ecosystem Studies in the Yaqui Valley, Mexico" pp. 233-242. In Fundamentals of Ecosystem Science, Weathers, K.C., D.L. Strayer, and G.E. Likens (eds).  Academic Press: Elsevier, Inc.

DeFries, R.S., E.C. Ellis, F.S. Chapin, P.A Matson, B.L. Turner, A. Agrawal, P.J. Crutzen, C. Field, P. Gleick, P.M. Kareiva, E. Lambin, D. Liverman, E. Ostrom, P.A. Sanchez, and J. Syvitski. 2012. "Planetary opportunities: A social contract for global change science to contribute to a sustainable future." BioScience 62(6): 603-606.