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Scanning electron microscope

scanning electron microscope in Green 034

The JEOL 5600LV scanning electron microprobe (SEM, Green 034) is jointly operated with the Stanford-USGS Microanalytical Center (SUMAC), where it is often used to obtain electron and monochrome cathodoluminescence (CL) images of minerals for analysis on the SHRIMP-RG ion microprobe. The SEM provides routine electron images at magnifications up to  about  2000x. The microscope has an EDX (energy dispersive X-ray analysis) system for qualitative compositional measurements and imaging, which requires cooling with liquid nitrogen. Samples must be vacuum-compatible and are typically mounted on standard SEM “stub” holders. Samples must be electrically conductive or coated with a thin layer of gold, which can be done in the facility.  Please consult with Bob Jones  (, 650-725-1677) for training and procedures, and see user information.

More advanced SEM’s are available in the Stanford Nanocharacterization Laboratory (SNL) and in the Stanford Nano Center (SNC)