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Identifying constraints to regional crop yields

One of the most remarkable aspects of modern agriculture is that yields in farmers' fields vary widely, with average yields in a region consistently 30% or more below yields achieved on some fields. Equally remarkable is that if you ask 10 farmers why this is, or why their particular fields did not yield more, you will likely get 10 different answers. Part of the reason is that dozens of factors are at play in determining yield, and different farmers will have experienced different combinations of these factors. To gain a better grasp on which factors are most important for a given region and cropping system, we have developed techniques that combine remote sensing and field observations to generate very large datasets that essentially pool the experiences of all farmers. Statistical analyses of these datasets can then be used to measure the role of any individual factor, or to identify the few factors most deserve attention for raising regional productivity.


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Selected Project Descriptions

  1. Studying crop yield constraints from space in Punjab, India
  2. Mapping the severity of soil salinity in the Red River Valley
  3. Mapping the impacts of soil salinity on wheat yields in Mexicali, Mexico