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New York Times article quotes David Lobell publication on "Climate trends and global crop productions."

A report in Science by Lobell and colleagues was featured in this New York Times Story

The United States seems to have been lucky so far in largely escaping the impact of global warming on crop production. But for most major agricultural producing countries, the rising temperatures have already reduced their yields of corn and wheat compared to what they would have produced if ther

The Economist story on "Hindering Harvests" features a recent paper by David Lobell and colleagues.

"Report: Global warming already crimping crop production, pushing prices higher," in The Washington Post quotes David Lobell. References Science r

Fields of sugarcane lower the air temperature compared with fields of soybeans, maize or pasture, according to a study involving Stanford's David Lobell and fellow researchers.

David Lobell in The Economist article, "One degree over: Data from crop trials underline the threat climate change poses to farmers," on maize in Africa.

A team led by a Stanford researcher, David Lobell, has found a valuable, untapped
resource in historical data from crop yield trials conducted across
sub-Saharan Africa.

A new study, co-authored by David Lobell finds that large-scale cultivation of perennials could actually reduce regional surface temperatures.