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Recent Publications

  • Lobell, D.B.. G.L. Hammer, G. McLean, C. Messina, M.J. Roberts, and W. Schlenker. 2013. The critical role of extreme heat for maize production in the United States, Nature Climate Change, 3, 497–501
  • Lobell, D.B., U. Baldos, and T.W. Hertel. 2013. Climate adaptation as mitigation: the case of agricultural investments, Environmental Research Letters, 8 015012 doi:10.1088/1748-9326/8/1/015012
  • Gourdji, S.M., K. Matthews, M. Reynolds, J. Cross, and D.B. Lobell. 2013. An assessment of wheat breeding gains in hot environments, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, 280: 1752.
  • Lobell, D.B., and Gourdji, S.M., 2012. The influence of climate change on global crop productivity, Plant Physiology, 160: 1686-1697.
  • Lobell, D.B., 2012. The use of satellite data for crop yield gap analysis. Field Crops Research, 143, 56-64