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Kruger, Paul, Lewis Semprini, Gail Cederberg, and Luis Macias
SGP-TR-33: Recent Radon Transient Experiments


Hsieh, Chih-Hang
SGP-TR-23: Progress Report on Experiments on Water Vapor Pressure Lowering Relating to Capillarity and Adsorption Desorption

Tariz, Syed M.
SGP-TR-24:  A Study of the Behavior of Layered Reservoir with Wellbore Storage and Skin Effect

Mannon, Leslie S. and Paul G. Atkinson
SGP-TR-26: The Real Gas Pseudo-Pressure for Geothermal Steam


Ming-Ching Tom Kuo, Paul Kruger, and William E. Brigham
SGP-TR-16: Shape Factor Correlations for Transient Heat Conduction from Irregular Shaped Rock Fragments to Surrounding Fluid