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Semprini, Lewis and Paul Kruger 
SGP-TR-46: Radon and Ammonia Transects in Geothermal Reservoirs

Castaneda, Mario
SGP-TR-47: Feed Zones in Geothermal Wellbores (M.S. Report)

Westwood, John D. and Louis M. Castanier
SGP-TR-48: The Application of Lumped Parameter Modeling to Cerro Prieto Geothermal Field

Henry J. Ramey, Jr., and Paul Kruger
SGP-TR-51: Geothermal Reservoir Engineering Research at Stanford University First Annual Report
DOE Contract No. DE-AT-03-80SF11459, (Period: 10-1-80 - 9-30-81)

Kruger, Paul, Henry J. Ramey, Jr., Frank G. Miller, Roland N. Horne,
William E. Brigham, Ian G. Donaldson, and Jon S. Gudmundsson, Editors

SGP-TR-55: Proceedings Seventh Workshop Geothermal Reservoir Engineering