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Departments & Programs


Technical Reports


Nghiem, Cuong Phu and H.J. Ramey, Jr.
SGP-TR-132: One-Dimensional Steam Flow in Porous Media

Kruger, Paul
SGP-TR-137: Fifth Annual Report Sandia Contract No 27-5590 Oct 1, 1990 - Sept 30, 1991

Deng,  Xianfa and Roland N. Horne
SGP-TR-139: Analyzing Multiwell Pressure Data of the Reservoir with Variable Properties


Lam, Stephen Tang-Fei
SGP-TR-133: Heat Extraction Modeling of Single-Phase Sweep Flows in Fractured Geothermal Reservoirs


SGP-TR-121: Stanford Geothermal Program, Reservoir and Injection Technology, Heat Extraction Project