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Instructions for Presenting

We will have a single computer projector available in each room, no overhead projector or slide projector.  Please upload your PowerPoint file in advance, as we will write a CD disk before the meeting so that all of the presentations will be preloaded on the computers that are present (one per room).  Please note that this approach will make it necessary for us to receive the presentation files by February 8, 2013 and that the files will not be able to be changed once put onto the CD-R.  The room computers are Windows-based laptops (not Macintosh). The only presentation software we have available is PowerPoint 2010, which should be able to read prior versions of PowerPoint. If you are using PowerPoint 2003 or 2007, please confirm that your presentation looks OK if you save it in 2010 format (.pptx).

We strongly discourage the use of videos and animations. From past experience, these seem to work only about 50% of the time!

Although everyone feels they want to be able to change their slides up to the last minute, it slows down the meeting – and it doesn’t always work!  Having the files preloaded means we can easily click from one presentation to the next.  Please also bring a copy of your PPT file with you to the workshop, on a CD-R, or on a USB "key drive" (we cannot read zip disks or floppies at the conference site) as a backup -- if we do not receive your ppt file successfully, you will still be able to load it yourself into the computer already attached to the projector. Presenters will not be able use their own computers (it delays the program to be recabling, rebooting, etc.)

The computers we will use also have a “radio mouse” so you can change the slides while striding around.

Upload your PPT file. We will write the file onto the CD in preparation for the meeting. If you have trouble uploading, you may email the file to us (but uploading is preferred, because the files are often too large for email and are not received - without you knowing). Files should arrive at Stanford no later than 4pm February 8, 2013. We leave the office at 5pm Friday, with the CD in our hands -- if you upload it on Saturday, we will not receive it, we will not take it, and it will not be available at the workshop when you arrive.

Before uploading files, when you save the presentation in PowerPoint check the box that says “Embed TrueType Fonts”.  This avoids problems if you are using any exotic fonts not present on the presentation machine (or even on your own laptop).

Your presentation (ppt) files will not be put online during or after the workshop, nor will they be on the Proceedings CD.

Authors are asked to sign the check-in board in the registration area when they arrive, so we can keep track of who is present.  The presentations will be 20 mins in duration, plus 5 mins for questions (25 mins in total). Because we have so many papers this year, there is a possibility that a few sessions may have five papers instead of four, in which case the presentation time will be reduced.

Thanks for participating in the Stanford Geothermal Workshop