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Industrial Affiliates

At Stanford University there are several research programs supported by groups of companies and institutions in the form of industrial affiliates or research consortia. These programs provide an effective way for industry and institutions to contribute to and sustain research and teaching in the areas of their current and long-term interests. At the same time, the programs facilitate effective dialog between academia and industry thereby aiding the transfer of knowledge to professionals concerned with the application of new research findings. All members of the Affiliates Program receive quarterly reports, completed technical reports and published papers. Members are invited to an annual meeting where the research conducted at Stanford and future plans are discussed. The Affiliates help support the student assistantships we offer and provide for laboratory equipment. The current affiliates and consortia programs have proved successful at Stanford and are now considered an integral part of the University’s research activities.

An important element of the Program is the education of engineers for employment in the industry. A close association of industry and academia strengthens the expertise of our graduates. Stanford graduates are already filling many positions in the energy industry worldwide, and the Program wishes to continue to be a major source of qualified reservoir engineers in this important development.