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Geothermal Research Group 2014-15

Geothermal Research Group 2014

Geothermal Research Group 2014

Geothermal Research Group 2013

Geothermal 2013

Stanford's Geothermal Program

Stanford's geothermal graduates make a difference. In 35 years we have produced dozens of industry leaders all over the world.

The Stanford Geothermal program, in the Department of Energy Resources Engineering, offers graduate study programs leading to the degrees of MS or PhD. Applications are invited from qualified candidates with undergraduate degrees in the physical sciences or engineering. People with working experience in the geothermal industry are encouraged to apply. Financial aid is available for applicants with strong records.


Geothermal research unlocks the clean energy beneath your feet

From boiling mud pots to nanotracers, geothermal scientists and engineers tell Stanford’s Miles Traer how they are capturing our planet’s inner heat to produce clean energy.

Stanford Earth alumna tackles geothermal energy

Stanford Geothermal alumna Sarah Pistone (M.S. '11) discusses her continued work on geothermal energy, a pursuit that began in her time at Stanford in Energy Resources Engineering.

New Geothermal Data System Could Open Up Clean-Energy Reserves

Forgotten and filed away decades ago, millions of documents on geothermal research are now helping scientists make harvesting Earth’s energy affordable.