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2018 Award Recipients

Geothermal Research Group 2014-15

Geothermal Research Group 2014

Geothermal Research Group 2014

Geothermal Research Group 2016

Geothermal 2016

Stanford's Geothermal Program Out in the Field

Yuran Zhang (PhD student) and Adam Hawkins (post-doc), underground
at the 4850ft level of the Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF),
preparing to process core from the SIGMA-V geothermal research project.


Yuran Zhang (PhD student) and Adam Hawkins (post-doc)

2016 Award Recipients

2016 Award Recipients

Geothermal Field Trip 2017

Geothermal Program 2017

Stanford's geothermal graduates make a difference. In 37 years, we have produced dozens of industry leaders all over the world.

The Stanford Geothermal program, in the Department of Energy Resources Engineering, offers graduate study programs leading to the degrees of MS or PhD. Applications are invited from qualified candidates with undergraduate degrees in the physical sciences or engineering. People with working experience in the geothermal industry are encouraged to apply. Financial aid is available for applicants with strong records.


Roland Horne on geothermal energy in Hawaii

The Energy 202: Kilauea's eruption reignites debate over Hawaii's geothermal plant

Geothermal at the foot of Kilauea

Geothermal engineer Roland Horne discusses geothermal energy in the face of natural hazards and a way to tap the earth’s heat far from volcanoes in the future.

Stanford scientists use DNA to investigate cleaner energy sources

Stanford researchers found that DNA-embedded nanoparticles can survive the harsh environments of geothermal energy systems, allowing for better mapping of cleaner energy sources.