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* after year denotes reviewed publication *before name denotes student advisee in author list


2013*| *Dlubac, K., and Knight, R, A numerical study of the relationship between NMR relaxation and permeability in sands and gravels, submitted to Near Surface Geophysics, in revision. 

2013*| *Grombacher, D., **Walbrecker, J., and Knight, R, Composite pulses to quantify background magnetic field inhomogeneity, submitted to Geophysics, in revision.

2013*| Grunewald, E., Knight, R., Walsh, D., Advancement and validation of surface NMR spin echo measurements of T2, submitted to Geophysics, March 2013

2013*| Knight, R., Grunewald, E., *Dlubac, K., Walsh, D. and Butler, J., A New Methodology for the Integration of Logging and Surface NMR to Map Hydraulic Conductivity, submitted to Water Resources Research, March 2013.

2013*| *Reeves, J.A., R. Knight, H.A. Zebker, An analysis of the uncertainty in InSAR deformation measurements for groundwater applications, submitted to IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, in revision.

2013*| **Walbrecker, J.O. and R. Knight, The impact of prepolarization on Earth field laboratory NMR experiments, submitted to Geophysics, 2013.