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Outstanding Student Paper Awards In NS, 2008 Fall AGU Meeting (from Chet Weiss)

Vanessa Mitchell and Elliot Grunewald, from School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences, Stanford University, are recipients of the Near Surface Geophysics (NS) Outstanding Student Paper Awards at the 2008 AGU Fall Meeting.

Vanessa's work, titled Rational Experimental Design for Electrical Resistivity Imaging (NS43b-1183) explored the application of fast forward modeling techniques and prior geologic information to optimize the electrode configuration such that electric current is focused in the region of interest. Because of the method's low computational cost, it may be used for real-time modification of experiment design as new information is acquired.

In contribution NS43b-1193 -- Estimating Pore Properties from NMR Relaxation Time Measurements in Heterogeneous Media, Elliot Grunewald describes a suite of laboratory experiments aimed at isolating the effect the pore-scale coupling in T2 nuclear magnetic resonance data. Specifically, he finds that for small grains or for roughly even distributions of mineral concentrations, the T2 signature is monomodal, whereas increasing grain size or skewing the mineral concentrations leads to a bimodal T2 signature which more closely reveals the heterogeneity of the system.

Congratulations to Elliot and Vanessa for their outstanding work!