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Near-Surface Geophysics Class Goes to Colorado

Field trip participants standing in a basin used to recharge the underlying aquifer with water from a nearby source. Pictured from left to right, Harry Lee, Humberto Arevalo-Lopez, Nick Odlum, Eric Wilson, Lin Zuo, Denys Grombacher, Brandon Schow and Andy Parsekian.

In the Spring of 2013, students from the GP190 Near-Surface Geophysics class had a unique opportunity to visit an aquifer recharge and recovery (ARR) facility in Colorado to gain experience making field geophysical measurements. Led by the course instructor, Andy Parsekian and TA, Denys Grombacher, a mixed group of undergraduate and graduate students spent several days making electrical and electromagnetic geophysical measurements to characterize heterogeneity in the subsurface at the site. The results of this effort have been incorporated into a larger geophysical database associated with ongoing research related to the multi-institution NSF-funded ReNUWIt Engineering Research Center (ERC). This field trip was generously funded by the Department of Geophysics.