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Research Areas

       With the rapid advances of the past decade in ultrahigh-pressure x-ray synchrotron technology, researchers are now able to tackle some of the most fundamental, long-standing questions regarding Earth and planetary interiors.  What is the origin of seismic anisotropy in the inner core?  What is the source of the enigmatic seismic features at the core-mantle boundary?  How did the core and mantle differentiate in the early Earth?

       Extreme environments provide a much broader arena in which to search for materials with desirable properties.  This is an emerging field which holds great promise for the discovery of unique materials.  My group has been focusing on a number of different energy related systems including hybrid halide perovskites, transition metal chalcogenides, carbon-based nanomaterials and some disordered systems.

       We work on the development of novel high pressure X-ray techniques, particularly, the nanoscale transmission X-ray microscopy (nanoTXM) technique and ultrafast characterization techniques for the dynamical compressions.