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Pressure-Induced Conductivity and Yellow-to-Black Piezochromism in a Layered Cu–Cl Hybrid Perovskite

A. Jaffe, Y. Lin, W. L. Mao and H. I. Karunadasa, J. Am. Chem. Soc.2015137 (4), pp 1673–1678 (PDF)

Deviatoric stress-induced phase transitions in diamantane
F. Yang, Y. Lin,  J. E. P. Dahl, M. K. Carlson, W. L. Mao,  J. Chem. Phys. 141, 154305 (2014). (PDF)


Bandgap closure and reopening in CsAuI3 at high pressure

S. Wang, A. F. Kemper, M. Baldini, M. C. Shapiro, S. C. Riggs, Z. Zhao, Z. Liu, T. P. Devereaux, T. H. Geballe, I. R. Fisher, and W. L. MaoPhys. Rev. B, 89, 245109, (2014) (PDF)

Tuning the crystal structure and electronic states of Ag2Se: Structural transitions and metallization under pressure

Z. Zhao, S. Wang, A. R. Oganov, P. Cheng, Z. Liu, W. L. Mao, Phys, Rev. B89, 180102 (2014) (Rapid communication). (PDF)

Universal Fractional Noncubic Power law for Density of Metallic Glasses

Q.S. Zeng, Y. Kono, Y. Lin, Z.D. Zeng, J.Y. Wang, S. V. Sinogeiking, C. Park, Y. Meng, W. Yang, H.K. Mao, W. L. MaoPhys. Rev. Lett. 112, 185502 (2014). (PDF)

Phase transitions in indentation induced metastable phases of silicon

Z. Zeng, Q.S. Zeng, W. L. Mao, S. X. Qu, J. Appl. Phys. 115, 103514 (2014). (PDF)

Strain derivatives of Tc in HgBa2CuO4+δ: The CuO2 plane alone is not enough

S. Wang, J. Zhang, J. Yan, X. Chen, V. Struzhkin, W. Tabis, N. Barisic, M. Chan, C. Dorow, X. Zhao, M. Greven, W. L. Mao and T. Geballe, Phys. Rev B 89, 024515 (2014). (PDF)

Pressure induced second-order structural transition in Sr3Ir2O7

Z. Zhao, S. Wang, T. F. Qi, Q. Zeng, S. Hirai, P. P. Kong, L. Li, C. Park, S. J. Yuan, C. Q. Jin, G. Cao, W. L. Mao, J. Phys.: Condens. Matters 26, 215402, (2014). (PDF)

High pressure Raman and X-ray study of [121] Tetramantane

F. Yang, Y. Lin,  J. E. P. Dahl, M. K. Carlson, W. L. Mao,  J. Phys. Chem. C. 118, 7683 (2014). (PDF)

Evidence for photo-induced monoclinic metallic VO2 under high pressure

W. Hsieh, M. Trigo, D. A. Reis, G. A. Artioli, L. Malavasi, W. L. Mao, Appl. Phys. Lett 104, 021917 (2014). (PDF)