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Alex Blanchette,

Playtime with bear

Shahar Barak, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Geophysics

Shahar is a doctoral student working with Prof. Simon Klemperer in the Crustal Geophysics
group in the Geophysics department at Stanford's School of Earth Sciences. His
research focuses on studying the deep structure of the Salton Trough in
southern California. Shahar's goal is to develop a career in
geophysical sciences either in the Academia or in the private sector.

Alexander Blanchette, Graduate Student

Alex is in the Crustal research group, advised by Simon Klemperer. Alex uses seismology
to study the volcanic activity in the Arabian Shield. This research is being performed
in collaboration with the Saudi Geological Survey (SGS) and the U.S. Geological
Survey (USGS) using recorded data from the new and expanding Saudi
Arabian seismic network.

Glorious leader conquers American West!

Chris Mark Castillo, Graduate Student

Chris Castillo is in the Crustal Tectonics research group in the Department of Geophysics, working with Simon Klemperer.  Chris uses seismology and sequence stratigraphic methods to study marine terraces of Southern California Continental Borderland.  

Lyra Hao,

Lyra Hao is in the Crustal Tectonics research group in the Department of Geophysics, working with Prof. Simon Klemperer. Lyra uses seismology to study the structure and deformation of Tibetan Plateau.

Simon  Klemperer

Simon Klemperer, Professor

Professor of Geophysics and leader of the "Crustal" research group that studies structure, tectonics, deformation, growth and composition of the continental lithosphere, using active and passive seismology.  Director of the undergraduate program in Geophysics, and co-Director of the School of Earth Sciences Summer Undergraduate Research Program. See my Google Scholar Profile.

Jesse  Lawrence

Jesse Lawrence, Assistant Professor

Deep Earth Seismology, Crustal Structure, Mantle Tomography, Field Seismology, Earthquake Detection & Early Warning

Mairi Litherland, Graduate Student, Department of Geophysics

Third year PhD student in the Crustal Geophysics group. I study the Ruby Mountains metamorphic core complex in Northeastern Nevada using passive seismic data collected from a 50-station array.

Tianze Liu, Graduate Student

I am currently a 6th-year PhD student working with Prof. Simon Klemperer at Stanford Geophysics. I am interested in studying structure and evolution of the lithosphere, the layer of the Earth in which plate tectonics is thought to take place, with geophysical, primarily seismic and geodetic, methods. I am particularly interested in continental lithosphere, as continental plates are much older, thus have much more complicated structure and evolution history than oceanic plates, for which the current theory of plate tectonics usually fail to provide a satisfactory model.


Norman  Sleep

Norman Sleep, Professor

Physics of large-scale processes in the Earth