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Climate and Earth System Dynamics Group

The Stanford University Climate and Earth System Dynamics group seeks to understand the dynamics and impacts of climate variability and change, including the role of humans as a coupled component of the climate system.
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Recent Publications

Burke, M., W.M. Davis and N.S. Diffenbaugh, Large potential reduction in economic damages under UN mitigation targets, Nature, 557 (7706), 549–553, 2018.

Diffenbaugh, N.S., D. Singh and J.S. Mankin, Unprecedented climate events: historical changes, aspirational targets, and national commitments, Science Advances, 4(2), eaao3354, 2018.

Goss, M., S. Lee, S.B. Feldstein and N.S. Diffenbaugh, Can ENSO-like convection force an ENSO-like extratropical response on subseasonal timescales?, Journal of Climate, in press, 2018.

Li, C., Y. Fang, K. Caldeira, X. Zhang, N.S. Diffenbaugh and A.M. Michalak, Widespread persistent changes to temperature extremes occurring earlier than predicted, Nature Scientific Reports, 8, 1007, doi:10.1038/s41598-018-19288-z, 2018.

Touma, D., A.M. Michalak, D.L. Swain and N.S. Diffenbaugh, Characterizing the spatial scales of extreme daily precipitation in the United States, Journal of Climate, in press, 2018.