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Departments & Programs


  • Carbon Cycling in Modern Systems

    We seek to understand the dynamics of carbon budgets on different marine ecosystems, with the goal of providing insight into what types of ecosystems, under what conditions, become more or less vulnerable to ocean acidification.
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  • Coral Paleoclimatology

    We utilize deep sea coral and tropical coral records to reconstruct recent climate change as well as develop new proxies.
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  • Torres del Paine, Chile.  Photo credit: Sverre LeRoy

    High Latitude Climate Change

    Our goal is to reconstruct Holocene climate change in the mid to high latitudes of the Southern Hemisphere using sediment cores from Patagonian lakes and fjords, as well as Antarctic marine sediment cores.
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  • Laboratory Innovations

About Us

Our group specializes in high resolution studies of climatic and oceanic variability during modern times as well as over the past 50 to 12,000 years. Our most productive archives for this work include the skeletons of long-lived corals from the tropics and the deep sea, as well as sediments from lakes and marine environments. We use chemical, isotopic, and morphological measurements of these materials to investigate the timing and rates of change associated with past climate and C cycle excursions. Current field areas include the American Samoa, Antarctica, the Line Islands, Easter Island, Patagonian Chile, Tierra del Fuego, and Palau.