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Blair Burgreen—2013

Related Description:

Blair Burgreen attended a weeklong field school led by ExxonMobil in the spring of 2013. The course was taught in the Guadalupe Mountains and focused on the integration of petroleum system elements from a sequence stratigraphic framework. Activities included field stops at clastic, carbonate, and chemical systems such as the Brushy Canyon Formation, Capitan Reef Formation, and the Castile Evaporites. The importance of chronostratigraphic correlation over lithostratigraphic correlation was emphasized for its value in prediction of play elements. The course wrapped up with a final exercise in which teams had to come up with hydrocarbon play scenarios in the basin and present their recommendations to the group. Blair also spent two weeks in Aachen, Germany at the Schlumberger Technology Center actively working with developers on better integrating Dynel with PetroMod software.

Submitted on Jul 26, 2013