Lab Access, Safety, and Training

The labs are normally open to key-holders 24 hours per day without advanced reservations.  During busy periods, you may need to reserve a few days in advance (sign up sheets in the labs).

Proper training is mandatory. You must be trained by the lab R.A. or manager, not just by someone from your research group. The labs contain hazardous machinery and chemicals. Sample cross-contamination is also a serious issue for some processes. Contact the lab well in advance to arrange one-on-one training.

Some processes take a long time. Separating 20 zircon samples can take weeks of work. If you don't know how to do something, contact us well in advance to develop a realistic schedule to meet your deadlines.

and User Fees

For normal usage, we offer two convenient payment options:

1--You can sign the user log sheets and the School of Earth Sciences will cover all your costs. You can use the labs for free. Most users select this option.

2--You can skip signing the log sheets.  In this case, user fees are $100 per hour. Please send your personal credit card payment to our Paypal account in advance.