Former Students

1969 Leland Turk
"Hydrogeology of the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah"

Maurice Veatch
"Ground-water occurrence, movement and hydrochemistry within a complex stratigraphic framework, Jefferson County, Nebraska"
1970 George Hornberger
"Numerical Studies of Composite Soil-Moisture Ground-Water Systems"
Professor, University of Virginia

Frederick Molz
"A Model Study of Moisture Flow to Plant Roots"
Professor, Clemson University
1971 Eduardo Aguado

Mary Anderson
Professor, Univ Of Wisconsin Madison

Janet Ebert
1972 John Dohrenwend

Stewart McGee

Melvin Zucker
Professor, Skyline College
1973 Stephen Egemeier
"Cavern Development by Thermal Waters with a Possible Bearing on Ore Deposition"
1974 Mary Anderson
"Numerical Studies of Linked Soil-Moisture and Groundwater Systems"
Professor, Univ Of Wisconsin Madison

John Reeder
Alaska Div Geol & Geophy Survey,

Edward Shanahan
President, Shanahan Consulting

Peter Shanahan

Daniel Stephens
Hydrologist, Daniel B. Stephens and Associates, Inc.
1975 John Dohrenwend

Jeffrey Gilman
"Hydrogeology of northern Mercer County, North Dakota"
Senior Consulting Hydrogeologist, MFG, Inc.

Nicholas Sitar
"Optimization of dewatering schemes"
Professor, University of California-Berkeley
1976 William Alley
"Numerical Simulation of Transient and Steady State Optimal Pumping from Artesian Aquifers"

James Baker

Mark Howland
"Hydrogeology of the Palo Alto baylands, Palo Alto, California : with emphasis on the tidal marshes"
Corduroy Charitable Trust,

Thomas Nicholson
"Geomorphology and hydrogeology of Wild Horse Valley, Foothills Park, Palo Alto, California"
Senior Technical Advisor, US NRC
1977 Steven Gorelick
Professor, Stanford University

David Stonestrom

Manuel Varela-Sanchez
Ministerio De Medio Ambiente,
1978 Beverly Herzog
Director, Env. Geoscience Center, Ill State Geological Survey
1979 Eduardo Aguado
"Optimization techniques and numerical methods for aquifer management"

Rene Barker
"Computer simulation and geohydrology of a basalt aquifer system in the Pullman-Moscow Basin, Washington and Idaho"
Hydrologist, United States Geological Survey

Shirley Dreiss
"An Application of Systems Analysis to Karst Aquifers"

Ali Ghenaw

Julianne Levings
c/o National Nuclear Security Administration, Program Manager

David Morgan
"Hydrology of the Stillwater Geothermal Area, Churchill County, Nevada"

Nicholas Sitar
Professor, University of California-Berkeley
1980 Richard Iverson
"Processes of accelerated pluvial erosion on desert hillslopes modified by vehicular traffic"
Research Hydrologist, United States Geological Survey
1981 Tarin Davies
"A ground water model for analysis of the Amador subbasin of the Livermore Valley, California"

Steven Gorelick
Professor, Stanford University

Richard Iverson
Research Hydrologist, United States Geological Survey

Richard Iverson
Research Hydrologist, United States Geological Survey

Uzo Okereke
President, Okerenson Corporation

Joseph Poland
"The occurrence and control of land subsidence due to ground-water withdrawal with special reference to the San Joaquin and Santa Clara valleys, California"

John Reeder
"Experimental studies of the effects of ephemeral stream-flow depths on infiltration"
Alaska Div Geol & Geophy Survey,
1982 James Butler
"The Automated Hydrogeologic System : description and application"
Senior Scientist, University of Kansas Geological Survey

Barbara Evans
"Statistical techniques for subsurface reservoir management"

Eric Reichard
"Reconstruction of water availability along the San Luis Rey River in southern California"
Research Hydrologist, United States Geological Survey

Eve Schauer
"Hydrogeology and water resources of the Salt River Indian Reservation and related portions of the Salt River Valley Maricopa County, Arizona"
1983 Eric Hvolboll
Partner, Price, Postel & Parma

Steven Ingebritsen
"Evolution of the geothermal system in the Lassen Volcanic National Park area"
Branch Chief, United States Geological Survey

Lynne Preslo
"Hydrogeologic testing at Elk Ridge No. 1 Borehole, Paradox Basin, Utah"
President, GeoEco

John Reeder
Alaska Div Geol & Geophy Survey,

Elizabeth Thomson
1984 Dorothy Atwood
"Management of contaminated groundwater with aquifer simulation and linear programming : the development of a hydraulic gradient control procedure"

Peter Davies
"Deep-Seated Dissolution and Subsidence in Bedded Salt Deposits."
Deputy Director, Sandia National Laboratories

Hedeff Essaid
"A quasi-three dimensional finite difference model for the simulation of fresh water and salt water flow in a coastal aquifer system"
Hydrologist, U S Geological Survey

Barbara Evans
"Mine Capacity Utilization During Recessionary Periods: Operating Strategy in the Domestic Copper Industry."

Julie Galton
"Magnitude and frequency of suspended sediment transport in four tributary streams of Lake Tahoe"

Richard Iverson
"Unsteady, Nonuniform Landslide Motion: Theory and Measurement."
Research Hydrologist, United States Geological Survey
1985 Jean Bahr
"Hydrostratigraphic Interpretation and Ground Water Flow Modeling of Sedimentary Deposits in the Vicinity of the Gloucester Landfall, Ontario, Canada."
Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Kenneth Belitz
"Hydrodynamics of the Denver Basin: An Explanation of Subnormal Fluid Pressures."
United States Geological Survey,

Eric Reichard
"The Influence of Hydrologic Factors on the Benefits of Groundwater Management in Areas of Irrigated Agriculture"
Research Hydrologist, United States Geological Survey

Margot Sherr
"An analysis of the economics of petroleum extraction on the continental shelf of eastern China"

Stephen Walbridge
"Optimal well field designs for the rehabilitation of the Gloucester special waste site near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada"
1986 Linda Bond
"Origins of seawater intrusion in a coastal aquifer : a case study of the Pajaro Valley"

Wesley Danskin
"Hydrologic optimization techniques used to evaluate management policies for a surface-water / ground-water system near Livermore, California"
Hydrologist, US Geological Survey

James Davis
"Potential pollution loading to natural waters as a function of land use : a methodology applied to a coastal plain in Spain"
Vice President, Power & Energy, Enviance

Steven Ingebritsen
"Vapor-Dominated Zones Within Hydrothermanl Convection Systems: Evolution and Natural State."
Branch Chief, United States Geological Survey

Yvonne Meeks
Geologist, Pacific Gas & Electric Company

Brian Wagner
"A statistical methodology for estimating transport parameters for aquifers and streams : applications to one-dimensional systems"
U S Geological Survey,
1987 Jean Bahr
"Applicability of the Local Equilibrium Assumption in Mathematical Models for Groundwater Transport of Reacting Solutes."
Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison

James Butler
"Pumping Tests in Nonuniform Aquifers: A Deterministic/Stochastic Analysis."
Senior Scientist, University of Kansas Geological Survey

Hedeff Essaid
"Fresh Water - Salt Water Flow Dynamics in Coastal Aquifer Systems: Development and Application of a Multi-Layered Sharp Interface Model."
Hydrologist, U S Geological Survey

Yvonne Meeks
"Hydrogeology of the Twin Cities Basin with Numerical Emphasis on the Mount Simon-Hinckley Aquifer."
Geologist, Pacific Gas & Electric Company

David Stonestrom

David Stonestrom
1988 Lizanne Avon
"A contaminant transport model of trichloroethylene movement in groundwater at Castle Air Force Base, California"
Evaluation Ofcr./Pesticide Modeler, Pest Management Regulatory Agency

Jaime Gomez-Hernandez
"Dynamic network design for estimation of groundwater flow and mass transport in a one-dimensional aquifer using the Kalman filter"
Professor, Universidad Politecnica

Robert Greenwald
"A planning model for groundwater plume removal with cleanup time as a management variable "

L. Lefkoff
"The Hydrologic and Economic Effects of Water Marketing on an Irrigated Stream-Aquifer System Subject to Salinity Degradation."
Principle Analyst, University of California-Davis

Michael Pinto

Stuart Rojstaczer
"The Response of the Water Level in a Well to Atmospheric Loading and Earth Tides: Theory and Application."
Professor, Duke University

Brian Wagner
"Optimal Groundwater Quality Management Under Uncertainty."
U S Geological Survey,
1989 Constance Travers
"The Effects of Groundwater Circulation on Heat Flow at Cajon Pass, California."
Environmental Scientist, Stratus Consulting
1991 Scott Brogan
"Aquifer remediation in the presence of rate-limited sorption"
CSS Ltd.,

Gregory Carroll
"Hydrogeologic analysis of the Santa Clara Valley Groundwater Basin"
Hydrogeologist, Bechtel

Robert Coontz
"Simulation of groundwater flow at the Bemidji, Minnesota, crude-oil spill site, and implications for advective transport of dissolved contaminants"
Deputy News Editor, Science Magazine

Robert Gailey
"Design of Cost-Effective, Reliable Remedial Pumping Schemes: Application to the Gloucester Landfill Groundwater Contamination Problem"

Jaime Gomez-Hernandez
"A Stochastic Approach to the Simulation of Block Conductivity Fields Conditioned upon Data Measured at a Smaller Scale."
Professor, Universidad Politecnica
1992 Charles Harvey
"Interpreting parameter estimates obtained from slug tests in heterogeneous aquifers"

Leah Rogers
"Optimal Groundwater Remediation Using Artificial Neural Networks and the Genetic Algorithm"
c/o University of California, Software Licensing Executive

Claire Tiedeman
"Optimal hydraulic containment designs under parameter uncertainty for a vinyl chloride plume in southwest Michigan"
Hydrologist, United States Geological Survey
1993 Leslie Dillard
"Multiphase Flow Modeling of a Crude-oil Spill Site Using Geostatistical Simulation of Soil Hydraulic Properties"

Roy Haggerty
"Design of multiple contaminant remediation in the presence of rate limitations "

David Hyndman
"Estimating spatial patterns of aquifer parameters using seismic and tracer data"
Associate Professor - Hydrogeology, Michigan State University

Carl Renshaw
"Modeling Fluid Migration Through Physically-Based Fracture Networks."
1994 Christine Koltermann
"Geologic Modeling of Spatial Variability in Sedimentary Environments for Groundwater Flow Simulation"
Principal/Hydrogeologist, Pegasus Geoscience

Charles Philbrick
"Optimal conjunctive management of coupled surface water and groundwater systems using gradient dynamic programming"

Alicia Wilson
"Evaluation of pumping strategies for managing land subsidence in the Santa Clara Valley, CA "
1995 Robert Abrams
"Long-range buoyancy-driven oil migration in the Illinois basin"
Research Scientist, Stanford University

Rahul Gandhi
Ascend Capital,

Stephen Hedberg
"The effects of hydraulic conductivity heterogeneity on the remediation performance of an in-well volatile organic compound (VOC) vapor stripping system: a simulation perspective"

David Hyndman
"Inferring aquifer properties using seismic travel times and tracer concentrations"
Associate Professor - Hydrogeology, Michigan State University
1996 Roy Haggerty
"Aquifer Remediation in the Presence of Rate-Limited Mass Transfer"

Charles Harvey
"Solute transport in spatially heterogeneous aquifers: mapping large-scale structures and modeling small-scale effects"
1997 Charles Philbrick
1998 Erik Wahlstrom
"Insular scale hydrologic response: Kaho?olawe, Hawaii"
1999 Robert Abrams
"A compartmentalized approach to simulating redox zones in contaminated aquifers"
Research Scientist, Stanford University
2000 Anona Dutton
"Process-based simulations of near-surface hydrologic response for a forested upland catchment: the impact of a road"
2001 Frederick Day-Lewis
"Using radar tomography, tracer experiments and hydraulic data to characterize fractured rock flow systems"
Hydrologist, US Geological Survey

Rahul Gandhi
"Bio-enhanced in-well vapor stripping for the remediation of trichloroethylene contamination"
Ascend Capital,

Michael Pinto
"Analysis of in-well vapor stripping : an integrated approach"

Iris Stewart-Frey
"Development of a type transfer function approach for modeling non-point-source vadose-zone pesticide leaching at the regional scale"
Santa Clara University,
2002 Trayle Kulshan
"Analysis of saltwater intrusion in the West Coast and Central Los Angeles basins"
Watsan Cordinator - Afghanistan, Action contre la Faim

Laura Leist
"Simulation and analysis of Arsenate and Arsenite adsorption/desorption onto iron (hydr)oxide minerals under static and dynamic flow conditions"

D'Artagnan Lloyd
"A multivariate statistical analysis of soil and geologic data from the Pearl Harbor Basin, Oahu, Hawaii"

Leigh Soutter
"Nonpoint source groundwater contamination : hotspots in regional-scale plumes"
President, Physics Logic LLC

Christopher Addams
"Water resource policy evaluation using a combined hydrologic-economic-agronomic modeling framework : Yaqui Valley, Sonora, Mexico" 

Valmont Industries, Omaha

Nicholas Martin
"Efficient simulation of surface flow in rivers and streams"
Hydrologist, Clearwater Hydrology

2005 Kamini Singha
"Hydrogeophysical estimation of groundwater tracer concentrations from field-scale electrical resistivity tomography"
Colorado School of Mines
2006 Steven Loheide
"Innovative methods for determining natural groundwater discharge in riparian environments"
University of Wisconsin

Jacob Bauer
"Regional Groundwater Flow Simulation of Sonoma Valley Including a New Model for Recharge and Three Future Scenarios"

Michael Ronayne
"Understanding Groundwater Dynamics in Structurally Heterogeneous Aquifers"
Colorado State University

Veena Srinivasan
"An integrated framework for analysis of water supply strategies in a developing world city: Chennai, India,"
ATREE, Bangalore, India

2010 Kevan Moffett
"Groundwater - vegetation - atmosphere interactions in an intertidal salt marsh"
UT Austin

Laura Erban
"Groundwater exploitation and arsenic occurrence in the Mekong Delta system"
Stanford University

Mandy McLean
"Remote sening-based quantificaion of agricultural water use in the Zhangye basin, northwestern China,in light of rapidly increasing seed cord production"

Science teacher, San Francisco