Fundamentals of Structural Geology
Personnel: D. D. Pollard and R. C. Fletcher
Collaborators: Our students and colleagues
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Description: The broader issues of methodology in structural geology are treated in this new textbook by Pollard and Fletcher (2005) that emphasizes modern techniques of field data acquisition and analysis, the principles of continuum mechanics, and the mathematical and computational skills necessary to quantitatively describe, model, and explain the deformation of rock in Earth's lithosphere. This textbook addresses the questions: what methodology should one adopt to solve the problems of structural geology; and what are the fundamental constructs that must be acknowledged and honored? These constructs are used to build a rational methodology for the investigation of tectonic processes and their structural products. Great satisfaction in the practice of this science is achieved when one successfully brings together the beauty of the natural world and the physical world of continuum mechanics to achieve a better understanding of rock deformation and the development of structures. By doing so one contributes to the knowledge of Earth's remarkable history and to the solution of important practical problems facing society today.