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Atilla Aydin

I am interested in the formation, geometric patterns and fluid flow properties of fractures and faults in a broad range of scales. My students and I are involved in projects which require both modeling and a strong field component. The field component is similar to a detective's work, which aims to establish temporal and spatial relationships among various elements of a structure. The modeling component is like the moral of a story, which enables one to see through the rationale and use it for guidance in the future.
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David Pollard

My students and I are using quantitative field data and principles of structural geology, combined with laboratory and computer modeling, to address fundamental questions about processes of faulting, fracturing and rock deformation. Geologic structures play important roles in attempts to utilize nature's gifts wisely and to mitigate natural hazards. Our research aims to understand how faults and fractures affect the flow of magma, groundwater, and hydrocarbons, and the crucial role fractures play in earthquake generation and volcanic eruption.
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