Maps, Cross-sections, and general photos of Superior

Photo of the town of Superior, looking southwest

Photo of the hills south of Superior (looking west). Picketpost Mtn. at the background.

Photo of the hills to the East of Superior (looking southeast). Note the cliffs in the Apache Leap tuff (reddish) and the underlying, gently-dipping, Paleozoic carbonates (light gray)

Map of the state of Arizona showing the location of Superior and nearby porphyry copper districts

Geologic Map of the Superior district (legend same as in cross-section below). Also shown is the location of the main carbonate-hosted deposits of the district

East-West cross-section of the Superior district, showing location of the main carbonate-hosted deposits

Simplified stratigraphic column of the Martin and Escabrosa formations, showing location of the main favorable beds (i.e., beds that are more commonly replaced by massive sulfides)

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