List of Marco's Former Graduate Students and Their Thesis Titles

18 M.S. students:

Rainer J. Newberry 1978 Polytypism in molybdenite : mineralogy, geology and geochemistry
Jeanine M. Schmidt 1978 Volcanogenic massive sulfides at Campo Seco (Calaveras County), California
Peter A. Mitchell 1979 Geology of the Hope - Sunrise (gold) mining district, north-central Kenai Peninsula, Alaska
Ron A. Sonnevil 1979 Evolution of skarn at Monte Cristo, Nevada
Eric Seedorff 1981 Geology of the Royston porphyry copper prospect, Nye and Esmeralda counties, Nevada
Horacio Ferriz-Dominguez 1981 Geology and uranium potential of the San Marcos Caldera, Chihuahua, Mexico
Philip B. Gans 1982 Mid-tertiary magmatism and extensional faulting in the Hunter district, White Pine County, Nevada
Richard P. Menell 1982 An epithermal disseminated precious metals prospect at White Horse Mountain, Elko County, Nevada
Stanley W. Stearns 1982 Disseminated epithermal precious metals in the Santa Fe district, Mineral County, Nevada
Jorge Benavides A. 1983 Wall-rock alteration and mineralogical zoning in a section of the Julcani mining district, Peru
Yehuda A. Diner 1983 The HY precious metals lode prospect Mineral County, Nevada
Paul A. Bartos 1984 Mineralization, alteration, and zoning of the Cu-Pb-Zn-Ag lodes at Quiruvilca, Peru
Ian Douglas 1984 Geology and gold-silver mineralization of the Tecoma District, Elko County, Nevada and Box Elder County, Utah
Helen M. Nuckolls 1985 Geology of the Bootstrap mine, Nevada : a sediment-hosted disseminated gold deposit
John E. Black 1988 Mineralization and wall rock alteration at the Rawhide gold-silver deposit, Mineral County, Nevada
Rob Masinter 1990 Geology, wall-rock alteration, and gold mineralization of the Gold Bar deposit, Eureka county, Nevada
Don Windeler 1992 Spectral mineral mapping of skarns and hornfelses of the Yerington District, Nevada, using airborne multispectral imagery
Holly Silva 1992 The relation between brecciation, gold mineralization and wall-rock alteration in the Round Mountain gold/silver deposit, Round Mountain, Nevada

31 Ph.D. students:

John F. Slack 1976 Hypogene zoning and multistage vein mineralization in the Lake City area, western San Juan Mountains, Colorado
Peter G. Vikre 1977 Geology and silver mineralization of the Rochester district, Pershing County, Nevada
Randolph A. Koski 1978 Geology and porphyry copper-type alteration-mineralization of igneous rocks at the Christmas mine, Gila County, Arizona
Harvey S. Eastman 1979 Skarn genesis and sphalerite-pyrrhotite-pyrite relationships at the Darwin mine, Inyo County, California
Nick B. Harris 1980 Skarn formation near Ludwig, Yerington district, Nevada
Larry D. Meinert 1980 Skarn, manto, and breccia pipe formation in sedimentary rocks in the Cananea district, Sonora, Mexico
Rainer J. Newberry 1980 The geology and chemistry of skarn formation and tungsten deposition in the central Sierra Nevada, California
Rich B. Carten 1981 Sodium-calcium metasomatism and its time-space relationship to potassium metasomatism in the Yerington porphyry copper deposit, Lyon County, Nevada
Jeanine M. Schmidt 1983 Geology and geochemistry of the Arctic prospect, Ambler district, Alaska
John H. Dilles 1983 The petrology and geochemistry of the Yerington batholith and the Ann-Mason porphyry copper deposit, western Nevada
David C. Dobson 1983 Geology and geochemical evolution of the Lost River, Alaska, tin deposit
Timothy S. Hayes 1983 Climate dependent geochemical mechanisms of copper, uranium, and vanadium transport and deposition in sandstone ores
Michael L. Zientek 1983 Petrogenesis of the basal zone of the Stillwater complex, Montana
Steven F. Olson 1983 Geology of the Potrerillos district, Atacama, Chile
Murray Hitzman 1983 Geology of the Cosmos Hills and its relationship to the Ruby Creek copper-cobalt deposit
Ken W. Weissenberger 1984 Lakeview uranium area, Lake County, Oregon; constraints on genetic modelling from a district-scale perspective
Steven A. Shaver 1984 The Hall (Nevada Moly) molybdenum deposit, Nye County, Nevada : geology, alteration, mineralization, and geochemical dispersion
Robert J. W. Turner 1986 The genesis of stratiform lead-zinc deposits, Jason property, Macmillan Pass, Yukon
David A. John 1986 Evolution of hydrothermal fluids in intrusions of the central Wasatch Mountains, Utah
Darby I. Fletcher 1987 Geology and genesis of the Waterloo and Langtry silver-barite deposits, California
Eric Seedorff 1987 Henderson porphyry molybdenum deposit : cyclic alteration-mineralization and geochemical evolution of topaz- and magnetite-bearing assemblages
Mark V. Sander 1988 Epithermal gold-silver mineralization, wall-rock alteration, and geochemical evolution of hydrothermal fluids in the ash-flow tuff at Round Mountain, Nevada
Carey Peabody 1989 Association of petroleum and cinnabar in mercury deposits of the California Coast ranges, USA
Barbara M. Bakken 1989 Gold mineralization, wall-rock alteration, and the geochemical evolution of the hydrothermal system in the Main orebody, Carlin mine, Nevada
Naomi Oreskes 1989 American geological practice : participation and examination : Part 1. Origin of REE-enriched hematite breccias at Olympic Dam, South Australia ; Part 2. The rejection of continental drift
Scott Manske 1991 Epithermal gold mineralization in gneissic rocks of the Mesquite District, Imperial County, California
Paul Zweng 1993 Formation of gold-quartz veins at Camflo, Malartic, Quebec, in light of the tectonic and thermal evolution of the Southern Abitibi subprovince
Tim Marsh 1997 Geochronology, thermochronology, and isotope systematics of the Cu-Au and Au-Ag deposits of the Potrerillos District, Atacama region, Chile
John Muntean 1998 Magmatic-hydrothermal gold deposits of the Maricunga Belt, Northern Chile
Guillermo Pareja 1998 The jasperoid gold ore bodies of the Superior District, Arizona: Controls on their location, and their relationship to porphyry-related carbonate-hosted massive sulfide replacement bodies
Kurt Friehauf 1998 Geology and geochemistry of porphyry-related, carbonate-hosted, massive replacement Cu-Au deposits--A case study of the Superior District, Arizona

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