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     Aerial View of Bingham Canyon, Utah                                                                                                                         Ore loading at Bingham Canyon

ODEX Lab, Room 232, Green Earth Sciences Bldg. 
Phone: (650) 723-7384 
Fax: (650) 725-0979

     The Stanford ODEX Group uses field-based studies complemented with analytical tools to generate exploration/genetic models for metal deposits. We emphasize detailed mapping and the collection of field data on time-space relations of rock types, structures, and alteration-mineralization. These data are used to enhance exploration models and classification schemes, and to define genetic processes through petrological and geochemical studies. Studies of mineral deposit geology, as well as low-temperature (<25°C) geochemical processes are used to interpret environmental conditions that exist in naturally mineralized areas prior to mining, and conditions that result from mining and mineral processing. Cooperative study with the mineral industry is an important facet of our research.

FACULTY AND STUDENTS Current ODEX faculty and graduate students, including a description of individual research projects. 
MAJOR RESEARCH PROJECTS Descriptions of major research projects currently under way by members of the ODEX group. 
COURSES Stanford courses related to mineral deposits.
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