Kurt Friehauf

Department of Geosciences
Gould-Simpson #77
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85719
lab (520) 621-8529
e-mail friehauf@geo.arizona.edu


Stanford University
Ph.D. in Geological and Environmental Sciences, June 1998

    Dissertation: Geology and Geochemistry of Porphyry-Related, Carbonate-Hosted, Massive Replacement Cu-Au Deposits -- A Case Study of the Superior District, Arizona.
    advisor: Marco T. Einaudi

Colorado State University
B.S. in Geology, May 1989

    Course-work included exploration geochemistry, mineral deposits, industrial minerals, fluid inclusions studies, hydrothermal alteration, advanced structural geology
    advisors: Malcolm McCallum, Tommy Thompson, Eric Erslev


My current research integrates extensive field mapping data and petrographic work with thermodynamic modeling to evaluate metasomatic chemical reaction paths taken by acidic, high-sulfidation state hydrothermal fluids in carbonate rocks. These aqueous solutions are related to the late stages of crystallization of porphyrytic granitoid intrusions and are analogous to those recorded in active geothermal systems in volcanic arcs of the circumpacific (e.g. Pinatubo Philippines and White Island New Zealand).
The exposures created by the mine at Superior Arizona provide remarkable access to the paleogeothermal system there, allowing detailed study of 1) the geology of carbonate-hosted massive ores, 2) the chemical mechanisms of metasomatism of carbonate rocks by metaliferous solutions, and 3) the evaluation of stable isotopic tracers in determining fluid flow paths in carbonate rocks.

Teaching experience

Stanford University, Stanford, California
Teaching Assitant Spring 1998
*** Centennial Teacher of the Year Award ***

    Designed labs, presented lectures, advised students, and graded papers for geologic mapping course including labs using laser surveying equiptment, GPS, AutoCAD, and GIS.

Stanford University, Stanford, California
Substitute Teacher Autumn 1997

    Presented introductory geology lectures about geochronology, weathering and soils, and fluvial geomorpholgy for Dr. Marco Einaudi.

San Josť State University, San Josť, California
Substitute Teacher Autumn 1995

    Presented introductory Mineralogy/Crystallography and Igneous/Metamorphic Petrology lectures and labs for Dr. Susan DeBari

Oral presentations to the Stanford Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences

    • Chemical reaction path modeling using CHILLER/SOLVEQ computer programs (workshop)
    • Evaluation of 13C-18O isotopic evidence for fluid flow in carbonate-aquifers
    • Reaction paths of acidic geothermal solutions in carbonate aquifers
    • Geology of skarn and massive sulfide replacement deposits, Superior District, Arizona
    • What is a porphyry copper deposit?
    • Ore Deposits of British Columbia
    • Irreversible thermodynamic modeling of calcium metasomatism in alkalic volcanic rocks
    • The use of AutoCAD in solving 3-dimensional geologic problems (2 workshops)
    • Theory and practice of X-ray Defractometry

    Oral presentations to geology departments at other Universities

      • Chemical and physical controls on carbonate-hosted mineralization by late-stage ore fluids in porphyry copper systems (South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Rapid City, South Dakota, April, 1997)
      • Have you ever met a somatism that you didn't like? Contact metamorphism and metasomatism related to granitoid intrusions (Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio, January, 1997)
      • Geology and ore deposits of the Superior porphyry-related district, Arizona (University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, December, 1996)

      Stanford University, Stanford, California
      Teaching Assistant 1990 - 1994

        Presented lectures, designed labs, advised students, and graded papers for courses in introductory-level general geology and Issues in Natural Resources.

      Colorado State University Athletic Department and private, Fort Collins, Colorado
      Academic Tutor August 1987 - June 1990

        Tutored courses in geology, organic and inorganic chemistry, algebra, calculus, physics, computer programming, and statistics.

      Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado Teaching Assistant August 1987 - May 1989

        Taught first full year of engineering physics.
        Presented short lectures, designed lab exercises, and graded papers for labs in crystallography, mineralogy, optical mineralogy, structural geology, petrology.

      Industry experience
      Magma Mining Company, Superior, Arizona
      Geologist June 1992 - October 1994

        Mapped geology and sampled ore in active underground mine in carbonate-hosted "manto-type" Cu-Au-Ag deposit.

      Magma Nevada Mining Company, Ely, Nevada
      Geologist July 1991 - September 1991

        Mapped surface geology and alteration, logged RC drill cuttings (both on the rig and in the office), and made interpretive synthesis of this data for two gold exploration targets in porphyry copper deposit. Also mapped drill cuttings from blast patterns in open pit mine. Made presentations to local community members.

      ASARCO, Inc., Denver, Colorado
      Geologist June 1989 - August 1989

        Mapped geology and hydrothermal alteration on scales from 1"=1000 feet to 1"= 10 feet, assessed value of lode mines/prospects in Colorado and New Mexico for gold mining.

      Resource Associates of Alaska, Inc. (NERCO Exploration and Western Mining Co.), Fairbanks, Alaska
      Geologist May 1988 - September 1988

        Mapped geology on scales from 1"=1000 feet to 1"= 10 feet, sampled stream/soil for geochemical survey, mapped and sampled trenches, ran a proton magnetometer survey, interpreted geochemical data in helicopter assisted exploration for gold.


        Friehauf, Kurt C., and Pareja, Guillermo A., 1998, Can Oxygen Isotopic Haloes be Produced Around High-Temperature Dolostone-Hosted Ore Deposits? -- Evidence from the Superior District, Arizona: Economic Geology, Volume 93, Number 5, p. (to be assigned).

      Pareja, Guillermo A., and Friehauf, Kurt C., 1998 Conditions determining the utility of oxygen isotopes as an exploration tool for carbonate- hosted deposits: Exploration Roundup '98, Vancouver, Abstracts with Programs, p.

      Friehauf, Kurt C., 1997, Cu-Au massive replacement ores of the Bingham (UT), Bisbee (AZ), and Superior (AZ) districts -- A petrographic comparison of late-stage porphyry-related ores in carbonate rocks: Geol. Soc. America Abstracts with Programs, v. 29, no. 6, p. A446.

      Friehauf, Kurt C., 1996, Reaction paths of high-sulfidation state copper-gold ore fluids in carbonate rocks -- A case study at the Superior porphyry-related deposit, AZ: Geol. Soc. America Abstracts with Programs: v. 28, no. 7, p. A403.

      Friehauf, Kurt C., 1995, Carbonate-replacement Cu-(Au) deposits associated with a high-sulfidation state Butte-type vein system, Superior District, AZ: Soc. Econ. Geol. Field Conference on Carbonate-hosted Zinc Deposits, St. Louis, MO.

      Friehauf, Kurt C., 1995, Skarn and Cu-(Au)-rich massive sulfide/specularite carbonate-replacement deposits of the Superior District, AZ: Geol. Soc. Nevada Symposium on the Geology and Ore Deposits of the American Cordillera, Reno, Nevada, Programs with Abstracts, p. A32-A33.

      Honors and Activities

      • Stanford Centenial Teaching Assistant of the Year Award for School of Earth Sciences
      • Co-authored National Science Foundation grant (1995-97 EAR 9418301 $244,000), Stanford University, California
      • Speaker for BAESI short course for teachers on Teaching Techniques for Mineral resource geology at the K-12 grade level, November 1996 through February 1997, San Josť State University, San Josť, Californiarnia
      • Guest Speaker to Santa Clara Valley Gem and Mineral Society, San Jose, California
      • Guest Speaker and Science Fair Judge to various primary schools/districts (4-5 each year), San Mateo, Santa Clara, and Newark school districts, California
      • Volunteer T.A. for general introductory geology field trips, Stanford University, California
      • Elected Graduate Student Representative to the Dean of the School of Earth Sciences 1995-1996, Stanford University, California
      • Mentor in Stanford Dept. Geological and Environmental Sciences mentoring program 1995-1996, Stanford University, California
      • Liaison between Stanford School of Earth Sciences and Menlo- Atherton High School 1995-1996, Stanford University, California
      • Volunteer for Stanford Disabled Studentís Officee 1995 Stanford University, California
      • Volunteer for the Colo. State University Disabled Student's Office 1986, Colo. State University, Fort Collins, Colorado
      • Professional Societies
          Geological Society of America
          Society of Economic Geologists
      • Scholarships
          Mineralogical Society of America American Mineralogist Undergraduate Award 1989, Colo. State University, Fort Collins, Colorado.
          Honor Senior for the School of Natural Resources 1988, Colo. State University, Fort Collins, Colorado.
          Beverly Scholarship for promising minerals exploration geologist (2x) 1987, 1988, Colo. State University, Fort Collins, Colorado.
          Ludlow Geology Scholarship 1987, Colo. State University, Fort Collins, Colorado.
          Chevron Scholarship (2x) 1986, 1987, Colo. State University, Fort Collins, Colorado
          President's Scholarship 1986, Colo. State University, Fort Collins, Colorado
          Dean's list (5x) 1984 -1988, Colo. State University, Fort Collins, Colorado
          SCAMP Scholarship (5x) 1985 - 1988, 1991, Colo. State University, Fort Collins, Colorado
          Nickol Chemistry Scholarship 1981, Rocky Mountain High School, Fort Collins, Colorado

      Additional skills

      Skilled at using AutoCAD, relational databases, word processors, spreadsheets
      FORTRAN and BASIC computer programming
      Trained in first aid and CPR
      Speak/read German, read Spanish

      Courses taken at Stanford:

      Solution-Mineral Equilibria (Irreversible Thermodynamics)
      Geochemical Thermodynamics
      Isotope and Trace Element Geochemistry
      Geochemistry of Mineral Deposits
      Geochronology (lecture + lab)
      Electron Microprobe (lecture + lab)
      XRF (lecture + lab)
      Sedimentary Basins
      Geologic Evolution of the Western Cordillera
      Metamorphic Petrography
      Igneous Petrology
      Field Mapping of Mineral Deposits
      Introduction to Mineral Deposits