Stanford Ore Deposits EXploration research group ("ODEX")

The Stanford ODEX Group currently includes:

Professor Marco T. Einaudi

Ph.D. Candidates:
E. Esra Inan
Patrick B.Redmond

MSc Students:
Tom Bawden

Recent Graduates of the ODEX Group

Sandra Troutman

Mike Parsons
Kurt Friehauf
Tim Marsh
John Muntean
Guillermo Pareja

Complete List of ODEX Alumni
1978-2000: 31 Ph.D and 18 MSc Theses

Friends of the ODEX group:

Phil Neuhoff--theoretical geochemist

Contact Information
E-mail addresses for each group member can be accessed from the links above.

Our mailing address and phone/fax numbers are as follows:

                                                                  ODEX Research Group
                                                                  Dept. of Geological and Environmental Sciences
                                                                  Building 320, Room 118
                                                                  Stanford University
                                                                  Stanford, CA, USA 94305-2115

                                                                  Phone: (650) 723-7384
                                                                  Fax: (650) 725-2199



Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences
Stanford University

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