Stanford QUAKE Seminar

Wednesdays at 2:15 p.m., Mitchell 350

This quarter's topic: Deep Roots of Fault Zones
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Course credit for the seminar. If you are enrolled in the seminar for course credit, please follow the guidelines for summarizing the weekly paper and email your summary to the discussion leaders, copy Eric Dunham. Summaries are due on Monday evening at 5.

Course Syllabus

Guide to writing summaries

Spring 2015 Schedule

Date Leaders Topic Paper
April 1 Faculty Introduction  
April 8 Katie, Curtis Structure of faults and mylonites Frostetal_2011 (primary), Frostetal_2009, Coleetal_2007
April 15 Yixiao, Meredith Brittle Micromechanics Griffith_2008
April 22 Nik, Jeremy Ductile Micromechanics  
April 29 Josie Christmas tree diagrams, strengh envelopes


May 6 Ying-Qi, Rob Mechanics of multi-phase rocks  
May 13 Lucile, Felipe Depth dependence of friction  
May 20 Sam, Shanna Oceanic vs. Continental Tranform faults  
May 27 Andreas, Chao Transient vs. Steady-state rheology  
June 3 Gabe, Kali Penetration of ruptures below the seismogenic zone  

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