Stanford QUAKE Seminar

Wednesdays at 2:15 p.m., Mitchell 350

This quarter's topic: San Fransisco Bay Region Geology and Geophysics
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Course credit for the seminar. If you are enrolled in the seminar for course credit, please fill out the summary sheet for the course and email the leaders and copy Eric Dunham. Questions are due on Monday evening at 5.

Fall 2014 Schedule

Date Leaders Topic Paper
October 1 Randi, Sarah Historical Seismicity Bakun, 1999
October 8 Sam, Brad Geodynamics Furlong, Hugo, & Zandt
October 15 Kali Geodetic Slip rates Johnson & Fukuda, 2010
October 22 Lucile, Felipe Paleoseismology/recurrence rates  
October 29 Andreas, Chao Hayward Fault: 1868 EQ & creep

Yu & Segall, 1996

Schmidt et al., 2005

November 5 Jeremy, Shaochuan 1906 San Fransisco EQ  
November 12 Ying Qi, Shanna 1989 Loma Prieta EQ  
November 19 Clara, Gader 2014 Napa EQ  
December 3 Gabe, Leighton Hazard, Risk, and Early Warning  

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