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Radar System Development

Developing, analyzing, and utilizing geophysically-optimized radar systems and experiments.

In addition to their utility as tools for observing the natural world, our group is interested in radio geophysical instruments as objects of study themselves. We actively collaborate on the development of flexible airborne ice penetrating radar for geophysical glaciology, which allow radar parameters, surveys, and platforms to be finely tuned for specific targets, areas, or processes. We also collaborate on the development of satellite-borne radars, for which power, mass, and data are so limited that they require truly optimized designs.

We also plan to develop, modify, and deploy a suite of boutique student-led ground-based radars for agile, inexpensive, and long-term glaciological deployment. This portion of our research portfolio is focused on cross-disciplinary undergraduate research and education, bringing together students from earth science, geophysics, engineering, and computer science to tackle open problems in observational glaciology in a hands-on team-oriented setting. These teams bring the needs and realities of observational geoscience into the design and creation of tools upon which it relies. Participating in the development of these tools also provide a deeper understanding of their specific capabilities and limitations so that they can be put to more creative and productive scientific use.

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