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Stanford Structural Geology and Geomechanics
A Complete Suite : A Musical Allegory of Mechanics for Structural Geologists in One Act. See the video of the live production from the GSA Meeting in 2000.
  The World Stress Map Project: a global repository for contemporary tectonic stress data from the Earth's crust.


  Physics Today: Guide to Metric Practice
New Departures in Structural Geology & Tectonics
Recognition of exciting opportunities for research in structural geology and tectonics, brought into focus by recent technological developments, new quantitative data sets, and both conceptual and theoretical advances, motivated a workshop in September 2002 to consider the future directions (New Departures) for science in this field. Four topical areas of research came into focus at the workshop:
    1) Beyond Plate Tectonics: Rheology and Orogenesis of the Continents;
2) The Missing Link: From Earthquakes to Orogenesis;
3) Dynamic Interactions between Tectonics, Climate, and Earth Surface Processes; and
4) Co-evolution of Earth and Life.