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About the Authors    
David D. Pollard is the Morris Professor of Earth Sciences in the Department of Geological and Envionmental Sciences at Stanford University where he co-directs the program in Structural Geology and Geomechanics. He and his students are using quantitative field data and principles of structural geology, combined with laboratory and computer modeling, to address questions about processes of faulting, fracturing and rock deformation. The research aims to understand how faults and fractures affect the flow of magma, groundwater, and hydrocarbons; and what role fractures play in earthquake generation and volcanic eruption.  
  Raymond C. Fletcher is a research professor in the Department of Geosciences at the Pennsylvania State University. He and his collaborators study the continuous deformation of rock as in the emplacement of mantled gneiss domes, rock folding, and basin and range necking. He also works on processes linking chemical aspects of mineral growth or dissolution in rocks and deformation. Currently he is studying folding near the base of ice sheets, and the evolution of structures and rheological behavior of composite rock masses.  

References Cited

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