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Aesthetic Pleasures
Intellectual Pleasures
Practical Necessities
Qualitative & Quantitative Skills
Field Observations, Measurements & Mapping
About the Authors
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Intellectual Pleasures  

René Descartes

Robert Hooke
Isaac Newton
Leonhard Euler
(1707- 1783)
Joseph-Louis Lagrange
Jean Baptiste Fourier
Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss
Claude Louis Marie Henri Navier

The word "discipline" used above in describing calculus, differential geometry, and continuum mechanics has other meanings for students of structural geology. One kind of discipline is required to bring precise measurements back from a rigorous field campaign and another kind of discipline is required to apply the fundamental mathematical and mechanical concepts to models of geologic structures that are essential to understand Earth's tectonic history.

Augustin Louis Cauchy
George Gabriel Stokes
William Thomson

The motivation for this course of study is partly aesthetic (we behold the beauty of the nature as expressed in earth structures) and partly intellectual (we comprehend the constructs of the human mind as manifest in mathematics and continuum mechanics).


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