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Frontispiece a-d
* Frontispiece e-h
Fig. 8.1a
Fig. 8.1b
Fig. 8.2a-b
Fig. 8.3a-c
Fig. 8.4
Fig. 8.5a-d
Fig. 8.6a-b
Fig. 8.7a-b
Fig. 8.8a
Fig. 8.8b
Fig. 8.9a-b
Fig. 8.10a-b
Fig. 8.11a
Fig. 8.11b
Fig. 8.11c
Fig. 8.12a-d
Fig. 8.13
Fig 8.14
Fig 8.15a-c
Fig 8.15d
Fig 8.15e
Fig 8.16a-b
Fig 8.17a
Fig 8.17b
Fig 8.18
Fig 8.19a-b
Fig 8.20a-g
Fig 8.21
Fig 8.22a
Fig 8.22b
Fig 8.22c
Fig 8.23
Fig 8.24a
Fig 8.24b
Fig 8.24c
Fig 8.25a-c
Fig 8.26a-b
Fig 8.27
Fig 8.28
Fig 8.29a
Fig 8.29b
Fig 8.29c
Fig 8.30
Fig 8.31
Fig 8.32