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3. Greenhouse Gases and Energy Balance

Middle School Version 2011

Students will be able to identify greenhouse gases and their sources. Students will explain the role these gases play in the Earths' energy budget.

Lesson Guide

3.1.2 Quiz LP1 & LP2
3.1.3 Greenhouse Gases Slides
3.1.4 Student Notes Handout (for use during slides and resonance model activity) 
3.1.5 Resonance Model Making Instructions
3.1.5a Resonance Model Task Card (to use with models)
3.1.6   Reading: Carbon Dioxide and Greenhouse Gases

3.2.1 Greenhouse Gas Lab WRITTEN
3.2.2 Concept Map Homework

3.3.1 Bathtub Thoughts Handout
3.3.2 Gas Files Activity
3.3.3 Mitigation Strategies Slides
3.3.3A Mitigation Notes Handout
3.3.4 Concept Map Homework
3.3.5 Pictures of Power Plants OPTIONAL

Whole Unit PDF

Greenhouse Gases short video - optional

Video:  Scott Denning and Resonance:

Video:  Eco-Man explains Greenhouse Gases and Global Warming