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7. Mitigation Strategies

High School Version 2011

Students will be able to compare and contrast climate change mitigation strategies (macro and micro) in light of environmental, economic, political, and ethical impact.

Lesson Guide

7.0 Mitigation Activity Instructions and Teacher Guide
7.1.0 Mitigation Wedge Images
7.1.1 Expert Groups Task Card #1
7.1.2 Graphic Organizer
7.1.3 Resource Cards
7.1.4 Strategy Wedge Table
7.2.1 Home Group Assignment Task Card #2
7.2.2A Mitigation Wedge Pieces
7.2.2B Mitigation Wedge Pieces
7.2.3 Mitigation Plan Board
7.3.1 Mitigation Plan Group Assignment
7.3.2 Mitigation Plan Answers
7.4 Individual Assignment

Whole Unit PDF

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