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6. Science Consensus and the Climate Change Debate

High School Version 2011

Students will be able to identify elements of scientific consensus making and analyze debates about the validity of global warming claims.
Lesson Guide

6.1.1 Preponderance of Evidence Slides (update 7/11)
6.1.2 Preponderance of Evidence Activity Card (update 7/11)
6.1.3 Preponderance of Evidence Graphic Organizer (update 7/11)
6.1.4 Process Science Slides
6.1.6 Transcript of commercial
6.1.7 Task card for student analysis
6.2.1 Video Guide

6.1.5 Commercial of commercial
another version on Stanford server, not as good quality

Whole Unit PDF

Pika Video -

Watch Global Warming Swindle Parts 1 & 2 (this moves so do a search if the link doesn't work)
Part 1 Link:
Part 2 Link:
1 hour version
 on Stanford server, not as good quality

Global Warming Debate Rebuttal
Part 1 Link:
Part 2 Link (only need to watch first few minutes):

Extra Resources:
Understanding Science