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5. Consequences of Climate Change & Adaptation

High School Version 2011

Students will analyze data to determine the consequences of climate change on environmental, biological, human, and social systems and identify adaptation strategies for these consequences.

 Lesson Guide

5.1.1 Consequences Slides powerpoint
5.1.2 LP4 Quiz & Key
5.1.3 Sea Level Activity Instructions and Datasheet

5.2.1 Sample Evidence Claim
5.2.2 Station Task Cards
5.2.3 Student Questions
5.2.4 Station Graphs Biological Systems

5.3.1 Adaptation Resources (new)
5.3.2 Mitigation&AdaptationSlides (new)

7.1.4 Wedge Strategies Table

Whole Unit PDF

Optional audio story

A story about the impact of climate change on pikas and how young students from Oakland, CA are helping with research.