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2. Earth's Energy Balance

High School Version 2011

Students will be able to apply the concepts of energy and light to create an input/output model of energy budget for the Earth.

Lesson Guide

2.0.1 Definitions
2.1.1 Guide for Bell Work
2.1.2 Sun-Earth Modeling Activity
2.1.3 Energy Budget Slides powerpoint
2.1.4 Student Notes 
2.1.5 Conceptual Problems

2.2.1 Energy Budget Slides powerpoint
2.2.2 Student Notes 
2.2.3 Dynamic Balance
2.2.4 Homework Problems

3.1.2 Quiz on LP 2

Whole Unit PDF

Optional Video on Albedo:
another version
 on Stanford server, not as good quality

Additional Websites:

Climate and Earth's Energy Budget from NASA

The eletromagnetic specturm videos from NASA. You may consider using the infrared video.