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Welcome to the Wrigley Field Program in Hawaii

The Wrigley Field Program in Hawaii is a quarter-long interdisciplinary program that investigates the Earth sciences, life sciences, and Hawaiian culture to address environmental issues that arise from the interaction between man and nature. Occurring every other Autumn Quarter, the program takes up to 20 students to Hawaii for 10 weeks of exploration and field-based learning culminating in an independent research project. 
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Rediscovering sustainable farming practices at Puanui

This video clip features the gardens at Puanui, where two former Hawai'i students spent some time working with Professor Peter Vitousek this past summer. The Wrigley Field Program also spends several days at Puanui, learning about the vast dryland agriculture system that supported the native Hawaiians and how those techniques might be applied to developing a  more sustainable food system on the island today.  

The Kohala field system

The 2020 Wrigley Field Program in Hawai'i application in not open yet


There will be informational sessions in Fall 2019, check here for details

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The 10-week Wrigley Field Program in Hawai'i takes place on the islands of Hawai'i (the Big Island) and Kaua'i. For six weeks we explore and study the Big Island based out of two locations: Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park on the eastern side of the island; and Waimea, a beautiful town in north central Hawai'i with access to areas such as the Kohala Forest Reserve and Puako Reef on the north Kona coast. The next two weeks we transition to Kaua'i where we spend time exploring Koke'e State park and the Grand Canyon of Waimea as well as the North Shore, where we work with local groups of the Waipa Foundation and Limahuli Garden and Preserve. Following our time on Kaua'i we return to Waimea on the Big Island to complete the course.

This is an island program. While we work with numerous local groups, we spend the majority of our time living and working together. Up to twenty students will participate in the program. For more information please look through this site and contact Ryan Petterson, Staff Director, with any questions.