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Hawaii is a wonderful natural laboratory to study environmental Earth system science, and to investigate the complexities and outcomes of the relationship between humans and the natural world. 

The 10-week Hawaii Program takes place on the islands of Hawaii and Kauai. For six weeks we explore and study the Big Island of Hawaii. We are based out of two locations: two weeks at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park followed by a move to the town of Waimea. The next two weeks we transition to Kauai where we will examine two unique areas: the Grand Canyon of Waimea and the North Shore, where we will work with local groups of the Waipa Foundation and Limahuli Garden and Preserve. Following our time on Kauai we will return to Waimea on the Big Island to complete the course.

This is an island program. While we will work with numerous local groups, we will spend the majority of our time living and working together. Up to twenty students will participate in the program.

Meals & Housing

Housing is provided for the duration of the program. Since students will be spending time in a number of different locations, the particular type of accommodation will vary throughout the program. Students will stay in dormitories at Kilauea Military Camp in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, a group house at the Hawaii Preparatory Academy (Waimea, Hawaii), and in dorms while at the CCC Camp in Waimea Canyon, Kauai.

All program participants will be provided with 17 meals per week or given a meal stipend. Vegetarian and other special dietary can generally be accommodated.

Program Calendar

The Wrigley Field Program will happen next in Autumn 2014. For more information about program dates contact Ryan Petterson.