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Are you looking for Stanford funding opportunities for your internship/research? We have compiled the following list of opportunities from across campus:

Major Grant

For substantial, in-depth projects that demonstrate focused, intellectually rigorous perspectives on the topics at hand. Most are awarded to students beginning an honors thesis.
Due March 1st
Up to $6,000

Small (Minor) Grant

For smaller independent student projects (including preliminary or exploratory work) and follow-up expenses for larger projects.
Rolling deadlines, October through May

SES Undergraduate Research Funding

For summer research with a SES faculty member on a designated project.
Due Feb/March
Up to $6000

Summer Research in Biology

On-campus summer research. Join participating faculty members in their labs for already-establised projects. For freshmen and sophomores.
Due mid-February
Up to $6000

Field Studies Program (through Biology Department)

Pre-existing environmental, ecological and animal behavior research. Data is collected in the field & analyzed on campus.
Due mid-February
Up to $6000

UPS Grant

For Earth Systems student summer research travel costs, field supplies, and other miscellaneous costs (NOT salary support).
Due early to mid May (watch your email)
Up to $1000

MAP Fellowship

To promote the awareness of environmental issues resulting from past and present energy use (support NGO efforts).
Due late January

Hollings Scholarship

For rising juniors majoring in atmospheric, oceanic, remote sensing technology, science teacher education, science policy, or environmental science disciplines.
Due in June
$8,000 academic-year scholarship (for 2 years) and $7,875 for summer research

Haas Summer Fellowships for Undergraduates

For students who want to help formulate solutions to real world problems in ways that make a positive difference in the lives of others. Pre-designed or self-proposed opportunities in both domestic and international settings.
Due winter quarter
$4000 stipend to cover travel to the fellowship location, room, board, and other living expenses

TAMBOPATA Summer Research Opportunities

For new and experienced conservation researchers. Located in the Tambopata-Candamo Reserved Zone near Puerto Maldonado, Peru.
Due mid-February
Room and board

Franz Boas Summer Scholarship, Pritzker Summer Scholarship

For any anthropological research, including research in the subfields of linguistics, archaeology, ethnology, and biological anthropology (preference to honors candidates majoring in anthropology).
Due mid-February
Funding varies

Beagle II

For a “voyage of scientific discovery” to any appropriate world location.
Due mid-February
For undergrads of all years and all majors
Must submit a final report (written, photo essay, documentary, website, etc.)
Up to $7,000 (or $11,000 for shared work) for travel, study costs, and summer income replacement

Chappell Lougee Scholarships

For sophomores pursuing in-depth projects in the humanities, creative arts, and qualitative social sciences.
Due December 1st.
Up to $6000; budget may include a stipend.

SIG Fellowships

Apply to a specific fellowship in development, economics, policy, education, environment, sustainability, energy, government, human rights, journalism (State, local, DC, international).
Due early February
Stipends assist Fellows with travel and summer living expenses. Limited financial aid is available to those who show need

Angel Grant

Assist students in producing a finished public creative work such as a visual exhibit, film, stage production, or concert. Material expenses, such as venue or equipment rental, costumes, photocopying of scripts or scores, display costs for art work, or publicity can be considered.
Applications can be submitted at any Small Grant deadline (Oct-May)
$3,000 budget limit