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Gregory Asner

Title:Professor (by Courtesy), EESS; Carnegie Institution, Global Ecology
Primary Affiliation:Department of Environmental Earth System Science
Other Affiliations:Earth Systems, E-IPER, EESS, Carnegie Institution
Office Location:Carnegie Institution for Science, Department of Global Ecology
Research Group:Asner Lab
Research Lab:Asner Lab


I work at the interface of ecosystem science, land use and climate change, with my ongoing research and capacity-building effort focused on tropical deforestation and forest degradation, functional diversity of forest ecosystems, animal-habitat interactions, spatial ecology of savannas, invasive species and climate change, and the effects of land use on carbon, nutrient and water cycles.  I develop new scientific approaches and technologies for investigation and conservation assessments of large ecoregions, including their carbon emissions, three-dimensional habitat, and biological diversity.


Currently limited to graduate and undergraduate thesis and research advising.

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