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Student Advisors

Kira Minehart, Earth Systems Student Advisor

Earth Systems Program

Kira is a senior pursuing the Biosphere track of Earth System. She is super interested in satellite imagery and analysis to observe changing land use patterns around the world. She is also passionate about environmental communication. One of her favorite quarters at Stanford was studying abroad in Santiago, Chile. At Stanford, she is very involved with the outdoor community, leading SPOT, working at the climbing wall, and exploring every weekend. She spends her summers teaching ecology and outdoor education to kids and adults at Stanford Sierra Camp in South Lake Tahoe. In her free time, Kira loves gardening, fishing, and watching those beautiful Midwestern thunderstorms.

Chloe Koseff, Earth Systems Student Advisor

Earth Systems Program

Chloe is a senior in the Food and Agriculture Track of Earth Systems. She studied abroad in Cape Town and Hawaii, and spent a summer on the Big Island of Hawaii researching the role of mulch and canoe plants in traditional Hawaiian agriculture. While she was in Cape Town, she worked for an NGO that supported a network of urban agriculture throughout the Cape Flats. She loves being outdoors, and can often be found hiking at Jasper Ridge or spending her summers living in Yosemite. Chloe also worked as an Event Coordinator for Admit Weekend 2015, is a member of Urban Styles Dance Company, and is one of the 2015-2016 Stanford Dollies.

Kara Matsumoto, Earth Systems Student Advisor

Earth Systems Program

Kara is a senior majoring in Earth Systems in the biosphere track. She grew up right outside of DC, but she loves traveling and exploring new places. She has spent time off-campus by studying at Hopkins Marine Station in Monterey the spring of her sophomore year and in Santiago, Chile the spring of her junior year. She has researched fertilizer application techniques in the sugar cane industry in Belize and has assisted with research on the geopolitical barriers to the creation of marine protected areas in Antarctica. She is spending the summer of 2015 being a teaching assistant for a high school marine ecology and environmental philosophy course in Florida. At Stanford, she is involved in various volunteering activities, and she loves to practice figure skating and aerial silks. She is very excited to be a student advisor this year!

Evan Patrick, Earth Systems Student Advisor

Earth Systems Program

Evan is an Earth Systems Senior in the Biosphere track. Evan’s interests include running, goats, beekeeping, Seattle (his damp, green home), and every nerdy ecology subject, and he would be very happy to talk about any of these things. He is most passionate about plant ecology and conservation, which is what lead him to Earth Systems. At Stanford, he has worked as a docent at Jasper Ridge, studied Hopkins Marine Station in Monterey, went to Australia with BOSP and researched plant-fungal interactions in a Malaysian Rainforest. Evan enjoys going to concerts and appreciating the varied and beautiful landscape of California. He is also a member of the Stanford Running Club, training for and running a marathon with them, and of the Chi Theta Chi co-operative house. Last summer, he travelled to Mexico with the Bio-Cultural Diversity Overseas Seminar and continued on to pursue research on community-managed forests in the state of Oaxaca.

Adrienne Pollack, Earth Systems Student Advisor

Earth Systems Program

Adrienne is an Earth Systems major in the Sustainable Food and Agriculture track. In this track, she has enjoyed working on sustainable farms on and off campus, including the Stanford Educational Farm and Pie Ranch. She is also interested in studying intersections between climate change and food security, and has conducted research on biotechnology in alternative staple crops as well as farmer cropping decisions in response to climate change. Adrienne is also an Earth Systems coterm, and plans to extend her education from her undergraduate degree to encompass use of statistical tools and remote satellite imaging to research precision agriculture and climate change response on a more global scale. Outside of academics, you can find her baking loaves of sourdough bread and making time to travel to the coastline.

Anna Wietelmann, Earth Systems Student Advisor

Earth Systems Program

Anna is an Earth Systems senior in the biosphere track. She loves art, traveling, and anything and everything outside, especially biking and trying to surf. At Stanford, she has studied ecotourism in the Peruvian Amazon, social-ecological systems in Southeast Alaska, and geopolitics surrounding the creation of Marine Protected Areas in Antarctica, which have lead her to become interested in the relationship between sense of place and environmental attitudes and behaviors. She spent her junior fall studying in Hawaii and spent the spring sailing from Tahiti to Hawaii with Stanford at Sea. When not in the Earth Systems office, Anna spends her time in the outdoor center working as an apprentice educator and SPOT leader, and is the co-president for Stanford Outdoor Outreach Program, which leads camping and backpacking trips for high school students from East Palo Alto.