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Student Advisors

Evan Bowechop, Earth Systems Student Advisor

Earth Systems Program

Evan is a rising senior on the energy, Science and Technology track. He is interested in energy efficiency in buildings and transportation. Evan is the resident assistant at Narnia (it's an actual place!), and has been lucky enough to experience some of the wonderful outdoor opportunities Stanford has to offer. As a rising sophomore, he went on the Rocky Mountain geology Sophomore College, and went to Ecuador to study conservation biology the summer after junior year. Last summer, Evan conducted a solar thermal hot water feasibility study on Stanford Campus, with the hope that Stanford will increase solar thermal hot water usage. He is very excited to be a part of the Earth Systems Student Advisor family.

Lauren Gimmillaro, Earth Systems Student Advisor

Earth Systems Program

Lauren is an Earth Systems coterm and was an Earth Systems major in the Land Systems track. Lauren is a member of Students for a Sustainable Stanford and the Green Living Council. In the summer of 2012, she worked as an intern for NASA’s Earth Sciences branch. She studied the effects large influxes of fresh water from the Brazilian Amazon have on the Atlantic Ocean. As a junior, she studied abroad in Australia and researched the effects of ocean acidification on coral reef health. During the summer of 2013, Lauren researched Uganda’s water supply through the civil and environmental engineering department. And during the summer of 2014, Lauren worked at Singularity University as the Global Grand Challenge Academic Administrator and Team Projects Coordinator. Lauren loves spending time outdoors and traveling. Her passion is learning about different cultures throughout the world in hopes of learning how to preserve our most valuable resource: water.

Amy Kim, Earth Systems Student Advisor

Earth Systems Program

Amy is a senior majoring in Earth Systems in the Oceans track. She loves sharing about nudibranchs, her travels, her research, and her favorite underwater organisms, nudibranchs. A Bay Area native, Amy has wandered from Stanford campus to study in Hawai'i, Monterey Bay, and Santiago, Chile. She has conducted research on soil grass nutrient cycling in a Hawaiian ancient agricultural system, on sea cucumber larval development at Hopkins Marine Station, and on the relationships between phytoplankton and zooplankton abundances in Chilean bay ecosystems. At Stanford, Amy can be found leading tours in Jasper Ridge, hanging out with Chi Alpha Christian fellowship, or on various Stanford lawns playing the steelpan with Cardinal Calypso. If her unending enthusiasm and spirit for adventure doesn't persuade you to drop by the Earth Systems office, maybe this will - Amy's mother is an expert dumpling maker and will feed you.

Aunika Swenson, Earth Systems Student Advisor

Earth Systems Program

Aunika is an Earth Systems senior in the biosphere track, and is particularly interested in the intersection between natural environments and human health. She is from the often forgotten, usually misunderstood, but truly great state of North Dakota. She loves spending time outdoors, and especially after studying at the Hopkins Marine Station and in Australia she has developed an increased appreciation for the many natural wonders out there and the complex challenges facing conservation. She spent this summer in the Peruvian Amazon investigating the psychological and behavioral impacts of ecotourism experiences on tourists. Outside of academics, Aunika enjoys playing ice hockey and ultimate frisbee, attempting to make tasty creations in the kitchen, and contemplating clouds. 

Walter Torres, Earth Systems Student Advisor

Earth Systems Program

Walter is an Earth Systems senior and in the Oceans track. He is also an the Earth Systems coterm, with a focus on environmental fluid mechanics and applied mathematics. He is dedicated to effectively communicating earth science and is very excited about being a student advisor. At Stanford, Walter enjoys playing club soccer, is a resident assistant, and plays guitar in an alt rock band. He participated in Stanford @ SEA, a 5-week long cruise through the tropical Pacific Ocean on a sailing research vessel, and conducted research on island wake eddies. Last summer he was a part of the BOSP Overseas Seminar program in Palau on coral physics and biogeochemistry, and did research on reef hydrodynamics.

Kara Yeung, Earth Systems Student Advisor

Earth Systems Program

Kara is an Earth Systems senior in the biosphere track. She focuses a lot of her time at Jasper Ridge (JR) whether it be conducting fieldwork or leading a tour as a docent. In the summer of 2013, she researched and studied chemical volatiles emitted by yellow starthistle at the Global Change Experiment in JR. As a junior, she went abroad to study in Australia for a quarter and is now currently studying reptiles and amphibians. Outside of class, Kara plays flute for the Stanford Flute Ensemble and smashes birdies in the Stanford Badminton Club. She travels annually to Hong Kong to visit her relatives and dearly loves her pet boa named Waldo.