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Program Associates

Patrick Freeman, Earth Systems Program Associate

Earth Systems Program

Patrick is an Earth Systems co-term whose curriculum centers on communicating conservation science. As an Earth Systems undergraduate, his studies focused primarily on ecology and conservation biology due to his perennial interest in wildlife biology and management. Patrick spent two summers at a remote water hole in Etosha National Park, Namibia studying elephant behavior and ecology and relishes any conversation regarding his favorite animal. He also spent two months in South Africa tracking a population of translocated endangered black rhinos near Kruger National Park and mapping their home range establishment. In addition to his research experience, he also spent a quarter abroad in Australia with the Bing Overseas Studies Program. Outside of the science sphere Patrick is an avid photographer, writer, and was a member and captain of the Stanford Dressage Team and was an Earth Systems Student Advisor. With experience in VPUE grant writing, summer field research, and general Stanford academic navigation, he welcomes any and all questions!

Nicole Sarto, Earth Systems Program Associate

Earth Systems Program

Nicole is working on joint BS/MS degrees in Earth Systems at Stanford University. The focus of her MS is marine science and technology, as she is interested in the role of emerging technologies in bridging the communication divide between scientists and the rest of the world. Nicole is currently exploring the world of data analysis and visualization as communication tools, and has recently stumbled across the fascinating concept of geodesign. As an undergraduate, Nicole was involved in research for academic and government entities, exploring diverse topics from island biogeography to oceanography. She studied abroad and did research in Veracruz, Mexico; Palmyra Atoll, USA; Eastern Australia; Honolulu, Hawaii; and Monterey, CA. She is extremely passionate about environmental education, outreach, and getting to know you.