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Departments & Programs


Faculty Profiles

David Freyberg, Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment & Resources

My current research interests include understanding surface-subsurface interactions in coupled reservoir/sediment/wetland/stream systems, quantifying and valuing hydrologic ecosystem services, modeling sediment deposition and mobilization in sediment-impacted reservoirs, managing sediment in small reservoirs, the hydrology of riparian wetlands, vadose zone dynamics in tropical coastal zones, and engineering pedagogy.

Margot Gerritsen, Associate Professor; Director, Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering

Department of Energy Resources Engineering

Computer modeling and laboratory experiments of flows through porous media with particular emphasis on gas injection and in-situ combustion processes. Simulation of coastal ocean processes. Energy resources analysis. Computational mathematics with special interests in large scale linear and nonlinear solvers, and search algorithms.

Steven Gorelick, Cyrus F. Tolman Professor

Department of Environmental Earth System Science

Hydrogeology and Water Resources: Steven Gorelick is the Cyrus F. Tolman Professor in the Department of Environmental Earth System Science at Stanford, and Senior Fellow, Woods Institute for the Environment

Elizabeth Hadly, Professor, Biology

Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment & Resources

I study the evolution and ecology of vertebrates and the influence of the Holocene warming on their population biology; community assembly; and the history of living organisms in North and South America.

George Hilley, Associate Professor

Department of Geological & Environmental Sciences

Active tectonics, quantitative structural geology and geomorphology; Geographic Information Systems;unsaturated zone gas transport; near-surface hydrologic response and landscape development;active deformation and mountain belt growth in central Asia, central Andes, and along the San Andreas Fault; integrated investigation of earthquake hazards.

David Kennedy, Donald J. McLachlan Professor, History

Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment & Resources

My interdisciplinary scholarship and writing integrates the fields of history, literature, and economics to analyze the American political system, economy, and culture in the early twentieth century.

Donald Kennedy, Former Stanford University President; Bing Professor of Environmental Science, Biology

Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment & Resources

My present research focuses on the development of policies regarding such trans-boundary environmental problems as major land-use changes, economically-driven alterations in agricultural practice, global climate change, and the development of regulatory policies.

Julie Kennedy, Professor (Teaching), EESS; Advisor for Earth Systems; Peter E. Haas Faculty Co-Director, Haas Center for Public Service; Landreth Family University Fellow in Undergraduate Education; Senior Fellow, Woods Institute

Department of Environmental Earth System Science

I have specific interest in interdisciplinary teaching and learning, and in the effective communication of complex interdisciplinary problem descriptions, analysis methods, and solutions to expert and non-expert audiences. I advise and work on research projects with undergraduate and master's level students whose interests include ecology, energy, land systems management, ocean science and policy, sustainability, environmental education, and science communication.