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Departments & Programs


Executive Committee

Julie Kennedy, Professor (Teaching), EESS; Victoria and Roger Sant Co-Director, Earth Systems Program, Peter E. Haas Faculty Co-Director, Haas Center for Public Service; Landreth Family University Fellow in Undergraduate Education; Senior Fellow, Woods Institute

Department of Environmental Earth System Science

I have specific interest in interdisciplinary teaching and learning, and in the effective communication of complex interdisciplinary problem descriptions, analysis methods, and solutions to expert and non-expert audiences. I advise and work on research projects with undergraduate and master's level students whose interests include ecology, energy, land systems management, ocean science and policy, sustainability, environmental education, and science communication.

Anthony R. Kovscek, Professor and Chair

Department of Energy Resources Engineering

David Lobell, Associate Professor

Department of Environmental Earth System Science

Food Security, Climate Change, Land use, Remote Sensing, Ecosystem Modeling, Statistics, Geographic Information Systems

Rosamond Naylor, Professor; William Wrigley Senior Fellow, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies and Woods Institute for the Environment

Department of Environmental Earth System Science

I am the Director of the Center on Food Security and the Environment and a Professor in EESS. I am an economist by training and work on a wide range of interdisciplinary research projects. 

Kathleen Phillips, Lecturer

Earth Systems Program

Katie is a lecturer with the Earth Systems Program where she teaches courses in environmental science, science communication, and geology and advises students in the Earth Systems major.

Leif Thomas, Assistant Professor

Department of Environmental Earth System Science

Physical oceanography; theory and numerical modeling of the ocean circulation; dynamics of ocean fronts and vortices; upper ocean processes; air-sea interaction.

Peter Vitousek, Clifford G. Morrison Professor in Population and Resource Studies, Biology

Department of Environmental Earth System Science

I carry out research related to nutrient cycling, most notably nitrogen and phosphorus, in a range of environments and ecosystems, with a particular focus on the Hawaiian Islands. My group has looked at nutrient dynamics in the soil profile, litter, native forest ecosystems, forest, and grassland systems affected by invasive species and agricultural systems.