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Public Service Scholars

Elena Stamatakos (Earth Systems BS '14)

Elena has contributed to environmental public service through her work with student groups like Students for a Sustainable Stanford, and the Stanford Student Farmers. Her passion for food justice comes through in her everyday conversations and actions; one student noted that "she has dedicated a lot of time to making sure that Columbae house [her residence] makes sustainable and ethical choices when ordering food". As a proud vegetarian, Elena makes food choices based on sustainability and workers rights, and she advocates for these same choices for Columbae as a whole. As part of the SPOON executive board, she also volunteers to provide food to our Palo Alto community.

Elena is passionate about food justice, and she hopes to complete a coterm to that accord. After Stanford, she hopes to lead a career that tackles issues in the US food system-- from alleviating hunger and teaching nutrition in low socioeconomic areas to maintaining fresh water sources for sustainable agriculture.