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Public Service Scholars

Claire Zabel (Earth Systems BS '14)

As a Stanford in Government Fellow, Claire worked to integrate climate change science and environmental justice considerations into California policy. Her research for the Governor's Office of Planning and Research led her to the UNFCCC's COP 19 in Warsaw this year, where she worked with international delegates to strengthen international environmental agreements between California and other regions. As a Young People For Fellow, Claire works with young people around the country on integrating environmental justice and equity research into climate change policy. As one person describes her, "Claire is a tremendously thoughtful person, and her participation in this fellowship raises the entire program’s discourse to a higher intellectual, ethical, and moral level."

Claire also works with the Haas Center through the Public Service Scholars Program (PSSP) and Public Service Leadership Program (PSLP). When she graduates, she hopes to use the skills she has gained through these programs to help implement policy solutions that improve environmental conditions and reverse climate change as effectively as possible.