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Amanda Zerbe (Earth Systems BS '15)

Amanda's passion for environmental and ocean policy can be seen through her research on the effects of corporate environmental responsibility efforts with political science professor Mike Tomz, as well as in her honors thesis work identifying fisheries performance indicators to evaluate whether California fisheries managers are meeting their management goals. In the summer of 2013, she wrote recommendations on climate change communication and biomass sourcing for the Audubon Society through a MAP Fellowship, and that winter she interned at the NOAA Fisheries Office of Policy through the Stanford in Washington program. In the spring of 2014, which she spent studying abroad in Paris, she represented the French fisheries service at an international conference in Norway through her internship at the French "Service du Patrimoine Naturel" (National Resources Service). Now back at Stanford, Amanda serves on the ASSU Environment and Energy committee and as a student leader of the Stanford Ocean Group. Amanda’s wealth of experience in policy research both showcases her dedication to ocean conservation and her passion for the subject. As one peer describes, “When Amanda takes a stance on certain subjects, I pay attention, because she takes the time to educate herself on all facets of the problem and I can trust that she has clearly examined all sides of the issue.“